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Don’t dig into their personal lives. Don’t attack their families. Don’t attack their girlfriends. Don’t attack their happiness. Don’t attack their music. Don’t attack them. Don’t attack.


I can’t wait to hear Harry sing “Find another one ‘cause HE belongs to me”.


*prepares myself for the shit people are about to try and give the boys over Steal My Girl*


me after listening to 19 seconds of steal my girl:



I think going clubbing with drunk Niall would be a religious experience for me


i knoow i knooow i knnooooww for sure

everybody wanna steal my girl


I’m sorry but I’m so over eleanor. She seems so pretentious. Her boyfriend is a million dollar rock star and even he seems more humble than she does. $500 for a pair of some damn slip on shoes. WHERE DOES SHE EVEN GET HER MONEY?

Over Again with Larry


I was just watching One Direction singing Over Again live during the Take Me Home Tour to bring back memories.

When all of a sudden the camera was on Harry during Louis’ solo when he sat dancing away (normal Harry) and he mouthed one line. Just one line.

"Whether we’re together or apart"

And I felt the Larry atmosphere was in the air.

I guess we’ll have to see what happens on the 28th/29th…



wtf so apparently Louis’s sister came out as bi and now a worldwide hashtag is #wrongtomlinsoncameout 

wtf like no validate this girl. Idc what your feelings on Larry are but be there for that girl and support her instead of saying “Cmon Louis come out already” like this is awful. This girl needs to have her own moment and not be a trend for the Larry shippers to harass Louis. 

Get some common sense directioners.


Louis’ 2011 twitter icon still haunts meimage JUST wHy is he so damn pretty